3 Responses to Testimonials

  1. lewis says:

    karl helped me quit smoking after I had tried a few times previously, ive now been smoke free for three months

  2. sezin says:

    Ever since having my Hypnotic– Gastric Band session, I have absolutely wonderful and so positive. The whole experience of Hypnosis was just superb and exceeded my expectations. I have since lost 3 stone, sin less than a year.

  3. neil says:

    having previously had little to no success with hypnosis for my insomnia problem, with other hypnotists, i’d been referred to karl through a friend. insomnia and panic attacks had taken many days and cost lots of money, not to mention inhibited my working life drastically, i would have said it was near impossible to cure in just two appointments!! however after having gone through it again i can honestly say that this is exactly what he does and he also lets you know exactly what you what you need to know about hypnosis and his own approach, in short my sessions have been a worthwhile investment!

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